Our business is built on personal relationships and this has been the cornerstone of our success. That’s how we interact with our customers, our suppliers and vendors, and our own family of employees. There’s a team spirit here. We celebrate our wins together, we encourage communication and collaboration, foster innovations, and participate equally in our collective mission.

The company’s leadership drives accountability across our organization. We hold ourselves responsible for our actions and the outcomes of our decisions. Every move we make is intended to further our clients’ successes.

We focus on collaboration and partner relationships to work intelligently, share insights, and achieve common goals. Every customer is important to us. We want your flavors and products to be successful as much as you do.

Clear lines of communication allow us to work openly, honestly, promptly and accurately. A tireless focus on innovation helps Custom Ingredients Inc. develop new production methods and create unique flavors. Our expert team of researchers and flavorists stay on top of all the latest developments and trends.

A passion for flavor, science and creativity permeates everything we do. Each member of our team shares a strong desire to produce premium quality flavors and provide fast, responsive and reliable customer service.

From passion comes quality. Each flavor we manufacture is formulated according to our meticulous standards and commitment to Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

With world-class customer service, we listen closely, anticipate needs, deliver on promises and develop personal relationships that contribute added value.

Safety is built into our products and processes. Our Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)-recognized BRC Food Safety Program facility is 3rd-party certified by BM Trada.. The right approach allows us to produce premium flavors that are both safe and cost effective.

Our clients trust our integrity. We keep our word, commit to project schedules, deliver accurate results and get the job done right.

Foundational ethics drive every choice we make. We conduct business by adhering to the standards and regulations defined by our industry, but we extend that practice so that every decision we consider is in the best interests of our customers and the public.

We respect and value unique opinions, experiences and contributions, and treat others in a professional and courteous manner.

An obsession with excellence ensures that all our production activities are efficient and effective. We do things right the first time, adhere to industry best practices, and continuously improve our processes to increase the value of our work. Our track record demonstrates consistent on-time performance, impeccable product quality, and unrivaled quality of service.

We stay in touch with values of social responsibility and sustainability by supporting our diverse community. We give to local and national charities, participate in recycling programs, and purchase recycled paper products and packaging in order to maintain clean and thriving communities. The Custom Ingredients Inc. headquarters and manufacturing facility uses solar-generated electricity, energy-efficient lighting, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and extensive sustainability features in order to minimize our impact on the environment.

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