Vision / Strategy

We embrace the extraordinary, define trends, and foster innovation to help you further your own creative flavor ambitions. A bit of our vision becomes yours.


  1. Technology: We continue to explore options to expand our technological capabilities in order to raise our flavor development and flavor delivery systems to a higher level.
  2. People: We focus on the development of new and existing employees with highly-skilled, well-paying positions. We continue to build operational and management teams that are ready for upcoming industry challenges.
  3. Facilities: We maintain an efficient, clean, well-organized facility that will meet our customers’ demands well into the future. Our headquarters feature energy-efficient lighting, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, solar electric power, and extensive sustainability features that minimize our impact on the environment.
  4. Quality: We believe that every employee is responsible for quality and we rigorously support a Total Quality Program.
  5. Expansion: We have continued to expand our sales and customer service team in order to build lasting relationships with our customers.
  6. Giving: We donate to our community by supporting local charities and educational foundations
  7. Sharing: We generously share our success by giving to our employee profit-sharing and pension plan.
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